Using LockMagic to Secure Email Communication

Whether a user is in or outside a corporate environment, email is the predominate way people choose to communicate. In today’s world, corporate emails can be un- intentionally leaked. In the private sector, emails with private data are continually forwarded, which can cause embarrassment due to the nature of the content. Very large companies use Rights Management Systems (RMS) to prevent this type of Data Leakage Protection (DLP). However, traditional RMS systems can be difficult to deploy and manage. For small businesses, these systems are usually too expensive to use. And for the everyday user, there are few solutions that are easy to use with the common email systems that are used on a everyday basis.

LockMagic seamlessly integrates with the predominate email systems of today (Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo) to provide a secure way of sending email to users. For corporate uses, a LockMagic key server, coupled with the LockMagic Outlook add-in, can be placed on premise to provide a single sign on solution for secure transmission of email content. The figure below shows the typical flow of how a user interacts with LockMagic to send secure email.

Lockmagic with Outlook


  • Once click encryption of user email content
  • Able to support secure messages in Hotmail, Gmail, and Yahoo
  • Able to integrate seamlessly with a corporate email system
  • Outlook Add-in that seamlessly integrates with Outlook to send secure email