Lockmagic Web Application
Users to grant access Use people identity to encrypt and securely share content with AnyOne.

Lockmagic works the way you do

LockMagic is a patented identity-based encryption system that enables users to share and access Encrypted content using e-mail addresses. There are no passwords to share or encryption keys to manage, all you need is the email address of other people you wish to share your content with.

  • Send as secure email file Send encrypted email messages to anyone!
  • Save as a local secure file Encrypt any file type or size stored anywhere!
  • Save as a cloud secure file Encrypt & access files in Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive
  • Save as web link Share encrypted content using Email, SMS, WhatsApp, ...
  • Open in browser Decrypt content from any device and without any client!
  • Expiry secure message Control shared data. Block access at any time or set time expiry.
  • Guest access Learn who is accessing your data.
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