Seamless Cloud Encryption

Secure Google Email
  • Send encrypted email to anyone in the world.
  • Integrated inside GMail UI.
  • End-to-End encryption including attachments.
  • View secure messages without software install.
Secure O365 Email
  • Send encrypted email to anyone in the world.
  • Integrated inside Outlook Web Access UI.
  • End-to-End encryption including attachments.
  • View secure messages without installing any software.
Secure Google Drive
  • Secure your files and pictures.
  • Integrates with Drive UI.
  • Encrypt multiple file and save as a zip file.
Secure 365 OneDrive
  • Encrypt any file type and size.
  • Seamless integration without installing any software.
  • Encrypt & Decrypt any file using your web browser.
Secure Reply
  • Request secure email from anyone in the world.
  • No registration required.
Mobile Apps & Devices
  • Encrypt & Decrypt Emails & Files.
  • Integrates with Whatsapp, Skype, Slack and other apps...
  • Available on Windows , Android & IPhone
Transparent Gmail Encryption

Transparent Gmail Encryption

End-To-End Email Encryption.

  • Secure Send, Reply & Forward
    • Encrypts message body and attachments end-to-end.
    • Preserves encryption across reply and forward.
  • Secure Receive
    • Messages are always stored encrypted.
    • No passwords to enter or remember.
    • View secure messages without installing any software.
  • Effortless Encryption
    • Encrypt & Decrypt inside email client for ease of use.
    • Chrome Extension for seamless user experience.

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Compliance Governance

End-To-End Encryption

  • Emails that contain sensitive or legally-protected information must be encrypted.
  • Regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, and legal, require encryption.
  • Seamlessly and safely encrypt every email message without any business impact.
  • Eliminates all risks of sensitive information leaking outside your organization.
  • Gradular policies to automatically encrypt emails based on many criterias.
  • Safely and reliably share sensitive information with customers and partners.
  • Reduces risk of data loss, while facilitating regulatory compliance.

Enterprise On-premise Encryption

Patented Identity-based
  • No passwords to remember or keys to manage.
  • Integrates with Active Directory users and groups.
  • Management-free Stateless Key Service.
Secure E-mail
  • End-to-End email and attachment encryption.
  • Seamless integraion with Outlook/OWA/Mobile UI.
  • User transparent based content and recipients.
  • Works with any email system.
Secure Documents
  • Encrypt any file type and size.
  • Seamless encryption with in-place updates and templates.
  • Partial encryption for Microsoft Word and Excel.
Strong Authentication
  • Two-factor authentication with Yubikey and Mobile App.
  • Authenticate users with One-Time Passwords.
Rich Policies
  • Revoke access at any time.
  • Set expiry and read receipt rules.
Audit & Monitor
  • Receive alerts on unauthorized accesses.
  • View access locations in world map.
Instant Google Drive Encryption

Instant Google Drive Encryption

One-click Encrypt, Upload & Share.

  • Sticky Encryption Policy
    • Retain & enforce encryption policy across file downloads.
    • Transparently apply & manage a single policy for an entire folder tree.
  • Share & Collaborate
    • Share encrypted files with anyone in the world.
    • Retain control over shared content and block access at any time.
    • Create secure chat rooms for folders and files.
  • Search Encrypted Content
    • Search encrypted PDF, Word and Excel files.
    • Search encrypted chat rooms.

Stay in control of your data

Share with Confidence

Alerts & Notifications
Alerts & Notifications
  • Stay informed of how your data is accessed.
  • Learn who, when and where.
Alerts & Notifications
Control Access
  • Revoke access at any time.
  • Block a specific email or file, or all content for a specific user.
Expiring Emails & Files
Expire Emails & Files
  • Protect your content with self destruction.
  • Set expire on emails and shared files.


Lockmagic is an information asset management solution to protect, track, audit and control accesses to sensitive information inside and outside your organization.

Our patented identity-based encryption technology enables people to secure and share information anywhere without the need for passwords. Users grant access to other people by simply using their email address eliminating the the need to exchange and manage passwords or certificates.

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LockMagic offers a variety of pricing plans to fit the needs of any business.
The service is free for personal use upto 10 transactions per month.

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