Create a Lockmagic account

Register your email

Lockmagic uses your email address as your identity. Before you can access encrypted content, Lockmagic verifies that you are the owner of the email address. You can register a work or personal email address.

When you register an email address, a verification link is sent to the email address that is valid for 5 minutes. Immediately open your email and check for the incoming email message in both inbox and junk folders. Open the message and follow the instructions to click on the verification link.

Lockmagic also supports phone # or any non-email alias in which case no validation is required. However, you must inform all other people of your Lockmagic username and to specify it during the encryption process. This option is useful for people without email addresses and plan to use Lockmagic Mobile App or wish to share using messaging Apps like Whatsapp.

You can register using each method if you wish to use Lockmagic with an email address and mobile #.

Verify your identity using Google or Microsoft

If you're registering a Google or Microsoft account, you can verify your identity by signing in to your account instead of using the email link method. Select Register your Google email or Register your Microsoft email.

Setup your password

After your email address is verified, you will be shown a form to set your password and answer a security question. We strongly recommend you use a different password from your email account password. That way if your email password is compromised, an attacker can't use the same password to access your encrypted messages. The security question and answer are required to reset your Lockmagic account password in case you forget it.

Mobile Apps

If you are using a Lockmagic mobile app on Android or IOS, you must register your email address with Lockmagic. We currently don't support login to Lockmagic from our mobile apps using Google or Microsoft.